About Us

Why We Created Truffle Paws

We created Truffle Paws because we believe that owning a pet should be a journey of love and
companionship, and not a maze of costly medical bills and confusing insurance jargon. We saw
the struggles of pet parents, their uncertainties navigating through complex insurance policies,
and their fears of being unable to provide for their pets in times of need. So, we decided to
create a solution that would offer pet parents the peace of mind they deserve.

Truffle Paws offers simple and fast coverage that pet parents can truly rely on. We have
carefully curated our policies to be easy to understand and swift to deliver without compromising
on the level of care your pet receives. By cutting out the confusion and streamlining the process,
we provide you with the assurance that your pet’s health and wellness are protected, allowing
you to focus on the joys of pet parenthood.

Our Mission

Our mission at Truffle Paws is twofold. First, to redefine pet insurance by making it easy to understand, accessible, and affordable for everyone. And second, to create a future where the bond between pets and their families is celebrated, unburdened by financial stress or complexity. We believe that a healthy pet means a happy family and strive to make this a reality for pet parents everywhere.

Our Vision

We are striving for a future where every pet is protected by affordable, easy-to-understand
insurance, enabling pet parents to prioritize the special bond of love and companionship.

About Truffle Paws

Truffle Paws is more than just a pet insurance company. We are a team of pet parents and insurance experts united by our dedication to the wellbeing of pets and their families. We believe that everyone should be able to get the coverage they need for their furry family members without having to go through a complicated and time-consuming process.

Why Choose Truffle Paws?

  • Simplicity at its Finest: At Truffle Paws, we believe that pet insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve designed our policies to be clear and easy to understand, taking the guesswork out so you can make the best decisions for your pet’s health.
  • Fast and Reliable Coverage: When your pet needs care, time is of the essence. That’s why we’ve streamlined our claims process to ensure quick, reliable coverage when you need it most. With Truffle Paws, you can focus on your pet’s recovery, not paperwork.
  • Affordable Care for Every Pet: We believe every pet deserves access to quality healthcare. So, we designed our plans to suit various needs and budgets, ensuring your pet can receive the best care possible without breaking the bank.
  • A Company that Cares: We’re not just an insurance provider; we’re pet parents too. We understand the special bond you share with your pet and are dedicated to protecting it. With Truffle Paws, you’re joining a community that truly values and advocates for the well-being of pets.
  • Mission-Driven Service: Every policy purchased contributes to our mission of making pet insurance accessible and affordable for all. By choosing Truffle Paws, you’re joining us in our journey toward a future where the joy of pet ownership isn’t burdened by expensive pet care bills.
Vincent DiBenedetto

Esq. CEO

Oksana Solan


Michael Rizzo

Vice President of Operations

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