Frequently Asked Questions

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Policy FAQs

When obtaining a quote, you will be able to edit your coverage and other policy settings such as the annual policy deductible, effective dates, and more.  After payment and your policy is issued, you will receive a final policy that you can download through the client portal. You can see samples of an Accident & Illness policy as well as the Prescription Drug Coverage, Cancer Coverage, Dental Coverage, and Wellness Benefits by clicking the associated links.

We have tried to design plans that will cover what matters most to you.  While most benefits are standard and bundled across the policies, we do offer the option to make changes to the following benefits which may impact your price.  Those benefits include:

  • Cancer Coverage Endorsement – Covers the costs or fees for Treatment of cancer as otherwise excluded from the Accident & Illness policy.
  • Wellness Benefit Endorsement – Covers some specified preventative and routine treatments including (2) wellness exams/year, some vaccines and tests, and spaying/neutering.
  • Annual Deductible Amount – This is the annual amount the insured is responsible for before coinsurance kicks in.  This annual deductible applies per policy period not to each incident.
  • Coinsurance – This is the amount of a covered claim that will be reimbursed once the insured has met their annual deductible.
  • Dental Coverage Endorsement – Covers medically necessary endodontic treatment of dental injuries (i.e. root canals) and dental extractions up to the policy limit.

Yes, you are always free to buy a different pet insurance product. However, you will be subject to any and all waiting periods and policy terms and conditions when you purchase a new policy. Also don’t forget the policy excludes any pre-existing conditions.

You can see samples of an Accident & Illness policy as well as the Prescription Drug Coverage, Cancer Coverage, Dental Coverage, and Wellness Benefits by clicking the associated links.

Yes, you can go to any vet you like in the U.S. as long as they’re licensed to provide veterinary care in the state they operate in. 

You may cancel your policy at any time by emailing Truffle Paws ( and simply expressing that you would like to cancel your policy.  We will cancel the policy effective the same day that we receive your cancellation request and process any refunds which may be due to you.

Yes, there are discounts available for having 2 or more pets on the same policy.

No, we currently do not allow you to select different coverages if you are taking advantage of a multiple pet discount.  All coverages will be identical across all pets on your policy, including policy limits.  

Coverage FAQs

Your policy will be effective one calendar day after purchase, and your coverage goes into effect after the selected waiting period has expired.  Any illness or injury that occurs prior to the date you purchased the policy or the date your waiting period expires will not be covered.  The standard waiting period for any Accident & Illness claim is 15 days and for any Cancer-related treatment is 30 days by default.

Unfortunately, pre-existing conditions are not covered by this pet insurance policy. Pre-existing conditions are defined in the policy language as:

Medical Condition that first occurred or showed Clinical Signs before the effective date of this Policy, as shown on the Declarations Page, or showed Clinical Signs during the Waiting Period. However, We do cover Pre-existing Conditions that can be Cured.

Spaying and neutering coverage is only provided if you purchase the Gold Plan with the optional Wellness Coverage Endorsement.

Dental coverage is only provided if you elect to purchase the Dental Coverage Endorsement.  This is available to add to any Truffle Paws plan.

If you are a new customer, your pet must be at least 2 months old and a maximum of 8 years old.  If you are renewing with us, a renewal quote will be provided to each pet.  For pets over 15 years old, if they were younger than 9 years old when the initial policy was purchased and have had continuous coverage with Truffle Paws, they are eligible for renewal.

Payments FAQs

You can purchase your pet insurance with a valid credit/debit card.  All payment processing is done through Stripe.

If you miss a payment, we will notify you via email and work with you to update your payment details.  If you do not provide payment within the timeframe specified in our email, we will unfortunately have to cancel your policy.  But we’ll give you a heads up first.

Claims FAQs

Log in to your client portal and click the link to file a claim. 

The only documentation that we require is a vet invoice and full medical records of your pet.  We will also gather some other basic information such as the name of your pet or the description of your pet’s injury or illness

Once your claim has been reviewed and processed, your assigned claims adjudicator will reach out to you directly via email with details of the claim decision, including payment options where relevant.  Approved claims that exceed your annual policy deductible can be reimbursed via PayPal, ACH bank transfer, or paper check.

Availability FAQs

Currently in Arizona, California, Illinois, and Texas.  We’ll be rolling out Truffle Paws in additional states throughout the year.