9 Things You Need to Do When You Get a New Puppy – The Ultimate Checklist

Aside from the boundless cuteness you’ll experience, owning a puppy comes with many responsibilities. So, to ensure a smooth transition into pet parenthood and to give your new puppy the best start, a new puppy checklist is the most helpful thing you can have.

Thankfully, we’ve created a checklist of 9 things you must do when you get a new puppy!

9 Things You Need to Do When You Get a New Puppy

You don’t have to get stumped on what you should do with a new furry ball of cuteness. Whenever you are in doubt, just whip out the checklist below. 

#1: Puppy-Proof Your Home

The first thing on your checklist is to make your home safe and welcoming before your new puppy arrives. Puppies are naturally curious and often explore the world with their mouths. So they can get into trouble if you don’t puppy-proof your living space.

Puppy-proofing your space involves identifying and removing potential hazards. And since puppies can be surprisingly agile, you’ll need to be thorough.

#2: Choose the Right Food

Giving your new puppy the right food is a major decision that will affect them in many ways, including:

  • growth
  • development
  • overall well-being

You’ll need to choose between wet and dry dog food. Also, the brand of dog food you choose and how you structure a feeding routine all play a part in setting your pup up for a healthy life.

Puppies require a different balance of nutrients compared to adult dogs. And their dietary needs change as they grow.

#3: Set Up a Comfortable Space

Creating a special and comfortable space for your new puppy is not only essential for their well-being but also for your peace of mind. This space serves as a retreat for your puppy and helps with house training.

A designated space gives your puppy a sense of security and belonging and limits access to the entire house. It also helps you establish routines and limits and helps ensure they stay happy and well-adjusted.

#4: Establish a Feeding Schedule

Creating a consistent feeding schedule for your new puppy is a fundamental aspect of their care. Puppies thrive on routine, and a well-structured feeding schedule improves their health and well-being.

A feeding schedule not only ensures that your puppy receives the appropriate nutrition but also aids in-house training. It helps regulate when your puppy needs to go potty, making the house training process smoother.

Watch for signs of hunger or fullness. Some puppies are excellent self-regulators and will eat when they’re hungry. Others may need a more structured approach.

As your puppy grows, you’ll need to adjust portion sizes and the number of meals accordingly. You can also consult your vet for guidance.

A consistent feeding schedule not only helps with house training but also gives your puppy a sense of security. They’ll know when to expect their meals, contributing to a well-adjusted and content pup.

#5: Begin Basic Training

Training is an integral part of raising a well-behaved and obedient puppy. Basic training ensures your puppy knows how to behave. Also, it strengthens your bond and communication with your new furry companion.

Early training is essential for your pup. It helps you in:

  • setting expectations
  • teaching boundaries
  • socializing your puppy

It forms the foundation for a well-mannered adult dog.

Training doesn’t end when your puppy learns the basics. It’s an ongoing process that continues into adulthood. Be prepared for consistent reinforcement and possible additional training as your puppy grows.

However, starting training early and using positive methods helps your puppy grow into a well-behaved dog. It also strengthens the bond between you and your furry friend.

#6: Schedule Veterinary Visits

Regular trips to the vet are a crucial part of responsible pet ownership. And there are several benefits to consistent veterinary care.

Routine vet visits are vital for monitoring your puppy’s health. This means your puppy gets vaccinations in time, and it also prevents health issues. Vet visits allow for early detection and treatment of potential problems.

Choosing a vet you trust is important. Regular vet visits also help you build a rapport with your pet’s vet. This enables open communication about your puppy’s well-being.

#7: Invest in Proper Puppy Supplies

Getting the right puppy supplies is essential for your puppy’s comfort and well-being. These items make life with a new puppy easier and more enjoyable.

  • Food and Water Bowls
  • Collar and Leash
  • Grooming Tools
  • Collar Tag
  • Toys
  • Crate or Pen
  • Puppy Pads, 
  • Training Treats
  • Puppy Food
  • Waste Cleanup Supplies
  • First Aid Kit

Depending on your training approach, you might invest in clickers or training books and consider enrolling in puppy training classes.

Proper puppy supplies make your life as a puppy owner more organized and comfortable. It also ensures your furry friend has what they need for a healthy and happy start in life.

#8: Exercise and Play

Exercise and playtime are essential for your puppy’s physical and mental development. These activities not only keep your pup fit but also strengthen the bond between you both.

They help expend energy, prevent behavior problems, and promote a healthy, happy pup.

However, be attentive to your puppy’s cues. If they seem tired or overheated, take a break.

#9: Get Pet Insurance

Ensuring your puppy’s well-being is crucial, but unexpected medical emergencies can strain your finances. Approximately one-third of pets require emergency care annually, often costing thousands of dollars.

Pet insurance is the solution, providing financial support when your puppy needs it most. Investing in comprehensive pet insurance ensures you can prioritize your puppy’s health without worrying about the financial burden. This gives you peace of mind and shows you are responsible.

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